Animal Shelter Is Looking For Volunteers To Cuddle Dozens Of ‘Wolfdog’ Puppies


Anyone who knows even a little bit about dogs is aware of the fact that they are descended from wolves. While their ancestors have certainly evolved over the course of time, there are still a number of wild wolves out there in the world. These creatures are majestic but they are also very dangerous. Even though they can be harmful, there are still some who keep them as pets.

Most states have made it illegal to own a wild wolf. That does not stop owners from breeding tamer versions from their large dog breeds. German shepherds and Siberian huskies are often used for this purpose and “wolf dogs” are created as a result. These puppies are then sold off to the owners who are looking for the next best thing and they typically go on to enjoy fulfilling lives.

If the puppies are merely half wolf, this allows owners to possess them legally. Puppy mills are now becoming overrun with these breeds, though. This creates a major problem. A California puppy mill recently ran into just such an issue. They were shut down by the government and over 160 wolf puppies were left homeless. Luckily, a rescue organization has stepped in to make sure that the puppies find a home.

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