Amazingly Adorable 8 Week Old Pomeranian Puppies Will Make Your Day!


Standard oranges, according to the description, the muzzle is fairly elongated, almond-shaped eyes, narrow lower jaw. The less well-known in Russia “baby doll”, or the toy — wide muzzle, rise higher than the standard dogs, but less so than “bears”.

Length of snout less than that of the Fox subtype. This is an intermediate option. Finally, the dwarf Pomeranian bear is the dog with the round head, short, broad and flattened snout, close-set round eyes. It seems that they have puffy cheeks, but it’s an optical effect that occurs due to the dense fur on the cheeks.

Chin slightly lifted, and the tip of the nose raised. They resemble the miniature bear. Head shape is the only difference between the three types, otherwise they are absolutely identical. Some say that the lugs have “cubs” less than other varieties, but it’s not all representatives of this species.