Amazing bionic dog


The word “bionic” still sounds like something from the future but this future has already come. Just imagine how a new type of persons appear. Such people can be referred to as super humans and they are more machine than man. We know much about it from comics but what if this happens in real life?
People should start with something studying this direction. They started with dogs. This doggy named Naki’o lost his 4 legs but not hope. So now the dog is running thanks to its bionic legs. Just watch how she moves! This is incredible to regain the ability to run again after you stayed without legs. I love the positive attitude of the dog. It’s hard to believe in it. He is so cute! It is so beautiful that it is hard to believe in it.
When the dog was little it stuck in a puddle of icy water in winter. The owner rushed to the vet but he could do nothing to save his legs. Vet managed to save his life but not legs. The doctor decided to design prosthetic limbs for the dog. Now the pup is running and feels happy!