After Spending Their Lives In Cages, They’re About To Taste Freedom


Puppy mills are disgusting organizations that should not exist. Dogs live there in horrible conditions. It is hard to call this life – so awful it is. This is a very pitiful existence. 17 dogs were rescued from puppy mills and were transported to New York via minivan. It took twelve hours. You can see Poodle mixes, Yorkies, Beagles, Bichons, Beabulls (Beagle/Bulldog mixes) among them. They got accustomed to being confined. They are more wary when they have to leave the crate. Freedom of movement is something new to them. They are not ready for it yet. It takes time to heal and learn new life. They lived in filthy cages to produce puppies that were sold later. They do not know simple pleasures all dogs have: running on the grass and playing with friends, first tail wags, first toys. We become the witnesses of their firsts and this is magical to see it.
Thanks to amazing rescuers who are very attentive and patient with these pups they learn to appreciate life. They did not have yet, and they are happy to see every grace life offers now.