Adorable Husky Shows His Love to Make Mommy Stop Crying.


The dog, soothing the weeping girl and touched the hearts of Internet users. And the girl almost immediately calms down as soon as the dog starts to howl. But a dog all trying to help the child.

Many husky owners claim that their Pets fulfill all the commands given by the coach in the classroom, but on arrival home, the dog refuses to perform any of the commands. This is due to the fact that husky is stubborn and quite difficult to housebreak, and this is another good reason, saying that newcomers can’t handle a husky. Dogs of this breed require assertive, confident owner.

Animals are often manipulated an insecure host, resorting to the help of his charming look. Therefore, all family members should know that the dog needs to be stricter (no aggression, of course), especially in the period of education and training.