Adorable Golden Retriever Welcomes Marine Home


The dog waited so long for its owner and now finds a place of happiness. Originally Golden retrievers were bred for hard work: search the dead hunter of ducks and other wild game. So they need daily active exercise: walking, Jogging, ball games in the yard, on the beach or in the lake (please note that these dogs love water).

Retriever, who fully realized all the accumulated daily energy, flexible and obedient! Exercise for your pet should be associated with spending time with my family, because this breed is a family dog. Future owners of the Golden Retriever should know that these dogs are not guards. Of course, he may bark at strangers, but it is not necessary to hold the dog the duties of a watchdog – it can not cope with them.

Golden retrievers are prone to profuse shedding, especially in spring and autumn. Daily brushing will help to prevent uncontrolled spread of wool around the house or clothes, but completely get rid of the wool you will not succeed!