Adorable Foster Kitty Loves To Snuggle With His Doggo Furriend


Like a chorus from the song “Labrador and a cat.” Labradors are intelligent and comprehensively gifted dogs. Since the appearance of the breed, they help the person: had previously pulled the fishing nets, rescued the drowning men, brought had fallen into the water game. These disciplined and good-natured animals and are happy to work with a person.

They are good hunters and guards. Prudence, devotion, and steadiness has made them better guide dogs for the blind and companions to families where there are elderly relatives. The friendliness and sociability of this breed – a pledge that he will become a loved member of the family. Pet sensitively perceives the mood of the owner; it will not be Intrusive. With Labrador you can leave your children, it will not cause harm to the child, and will entertain and watch.

To get along the Labrador can anyone. He willingly plays with other dogs. Owners often affectionately tell how labs get along with cats. Knowing that a child, a cat, a dog of small size it is weaker, Labrador voluntarily takes on the role of their guardian. He so arranged and so adjusts his behavior. Most dogs with cats, gentle friends. That is, they can build constructive social relationships with all members of the family and other animals.