This Adorable Cow Thinks He’s A Dog, And He’s Melting Hearts All Across The Globe


Issues of identity, is found not only in humans but also in animals. One calf’s mother refused, so it went to the house where lived the dog. Now the calf thinks he is a dog, but being boy is scared of his tailed friends. Asheville, North Carolina, James lives.

He’s not a kid, and the calf of the breed Scottish highland cow. The problem James is that he thinks he is a dog. The calf has appeared in a family of farmers, distributing livestock, Adam and Emily Jamal Hopson. The family found a newborn baby James three years ago in the forest in their territory.

The baby was very large, and, it seems, during the birth something went wrong: doctors have suggested that in the brain a while was almost out of oxygen, because of which he suffered injuries.