Abused Puppy Mill Dog Gets Second Chance From Prisoner And Doesn’t Want To Say Goodbye


Puppy rescued from Puppy Mill Dog. Fear the dog could neither walk, nor sit. Company rescue is called Prison K-9 Companion Program. American organization Karma Rescue saves dogs from overcrowded shelters where they can sleep.

One of its programs is called Paws for Life: it lets inmates train homeless dogs, then animals could find a home. In 2014, the prisoner of the California men’s prisons Treville wrote an essay to participate in the program, Paws for Life: “I understand what it’s like to sit in a cage. Paws for Life gives me the chance to do something for the benefit of others, to repay the society that I cheated”.

Just when Treville wrote his essay in the program, Paws for Life has worked as a volunteer photographer John Dubois. Their colleague Shaun Crawford invited to photograph the first group of five dogs which were sent to the prisoners. The photographer with the operator six days spent in jail for dangerous criminals, watching the animals and their temporary guardians.