Abused Dog Sits In Kennel Waiting To Die


Millions of dogs land in animal shelters and rescues every year. Due to a history of being abused, many of them are petrified of human contact. This was the case with Edie, a sweet Maltese-Poodle mix on the euthanasia list of a high-kill shelter in Los Angeles, California. Her life was shattered, she was abused and tossed aside, and she sat in a cage waiting for death. And then true love came along.

Hope for Paws, a Los Angeles-based rescue organization, found out about Edie. Their founder, Eldad Hagar, sprung into action to save her life. He found out about the dog’s situation from a friend and decided to meet the dog at the vet’s office for an evaluation.

As Eldad gently lifts the lid from the kennel, the dog immediately barks, growls, and cowers in the corner. She defecated on the floor in fear and howled because she was so frightened. Eldad was able to place the dog on his lap and calm her right down.

The dog who feared everyone and everything melted into a puddle of love. She cuddled with Eldad, nuzzled into his chest, and even gave him a few kisses.

She was given proper care, grooming, and found a forever, loving home with a woman in the San Marino area. Watch the love unfold in this video and celebrate the power of a kind heart.

Sourse: ilovemydogsomuch.tv