Abused dog rescued just in time, now she’s safe forever.


The poor dog’s muzzle was taped wire so that rotted to the bone. She wanted to first put to sleep, but then decided to try to help. The dog was put on a drip. Not a drop of urine, the kidneys are not working, it seems it is, and fractures of the legs.

As said, the dog is dying, almost unresponsive. Strong intoxication due to kidney failure. All will depend on if it will work to run them. Not even to the jaw yet. The mouth opens to 1−2 cm. Cooked broth, threw watery postoperative food, a bit fed. She eats! And thanks to trying to wagging tail. The doctor cries.

Many can not feed, do not induce vomiting, it’ll just choke. Next time they’ll be fed in 2 hours. Doctors say that the dog is extraordinary. With all that happened to her, she is very trusting, she looks so. like he wants to say “help me.” Six months later, the dog almost got out.