Abandoned, She Stayed at the Only Home She Knew, Until Hope for Paws Helped Her Find a New One


The owners of this unfortunate dog has moved to another city and left her. Once the dog was home and the family she loved. But, as is often the case, the love was not mutual. The family moved to another city, leaving the dog on the threshold of the old house.

To bring in the new life they didn’t want to… the Dog for a long time was sitting on the porch at the door. Her eyes were filled with universal grief, and hope for the return of the owners was melting with each passing day. People tried to help her, but as soon as they got close, she ran away and hid somewhere for a few days.

They just left her food and water… as time Passed and the dog had wasted away. When people realized that the time for salvation is running out, they reported her to the rescue organization. Fortunately, experienced rescuers were able to enter into her confidence and brought her to the shelter. She had big problems with hair and skin.