Abandoned In An Airport


Here we have a strangely sad story of a doggie who wandered around an airport for over a month, the staff at the airport give her the nickname of ‘Traveling Cloud’.
Colombia’s Bucaramanga Airport is a big place for a doggie on her own and looking for her owners, curling up and refusing to eat…

This lovely doggie ‘Nube Viajera’ or translated that’s ‘Traveling Cloud’, was abandoned at the airport, left there all on her own, confused and fretting so much that she just kept looking for her owners, she eventually curled up in a corner and refused to eat.

I can’t imagine how this poor doggies felt, so desperately looking to find her owner and so alone in a strange place with strange smells, not even a familiar blanket to snuggle up to and feel some small comfort.

Without a single reprise in her search for her mommy or daddy she pined so much that in the end she wasn’t able to hold on any longer, her body just shut down, alone and in so much pain in her loss that she couldn’t even eat to survive.

Passengers tried to persuade her to eat something, everyone who saw her realized that she looked sad and alone. A vet was called in a desperate measure to save her life, she had an intravenous drip for fluids and nutrients…

A vet from the Colombian Animal Protection Foundation, Alejandro Sotomonte Nino, said:

“The hypothesis we have is that a traveler abandoned it.”

“Apparently, during the first month that the dog was at the airport, it was going through the halls looking for someone, possibly the owner. That state of waiting deteriorated its health, to the point that she no longer received food.”

“The dog showed a detriment in a matter of 48 hours, even though we gave her food and medicine via intravenous injection, she fell into sadness and depression and did not survive.”

Sadly it was too late, her broken heart was so deeply felt, she had no fight left in her and she finally gave up and passed away.

Rest in peace ‘Traveling Cloud’ may you find the happiness in heaven that that you so desperately searched for here on earth before you were taken from us all, may you run wild and happy and play and be loved in the next life wherever that may be!

Source: doggiescare.com