Abandoned Dog Waited For Her Family In The Snow


A dog five days of sitting in the cold snow waiting for those who left her there… a stray dog sitting on the snow and looked at the faces passing and passing people. He was waiting for his family. The family that dumped him 5 days ago… people tried to help the animal, but he did not admit to himself and just ran away, using the time coming back to the same place. He hoped, that if his here have left, then here for him and to return.

But as the days passed, cold and frosty days, and no one of his favorite people never came back for him… People understand that without the help of the dog will not survive long in such conditions. They contacted Janine Guido, who is the founder of the shelter Speranza Animal Rescue. The woman immediately went to the aid of the animal. “You know what makes the dog who was dumped by the owners? She’s just sitting there waiting for them to come back for her, ” Janine says. Janine called the dog Carla and began to establish contact with her.

The animal was too scared and did not admit to itself anybody. She could have taken the food Janine left behind, but she wouldn’t let a woman anywhere near her. Janine asked the local residents that they were not up to the dog. Three days she was already in her confidence and the goal was very close. But arriving on the fourth day, she not discovered Karl. It turned out that someone had spooked the dog and she ran off into the woods…