Abandoned Dog Is In An Airport


The dog that was thrown at Colombian airport Palonegro, for months waiting for its master, but then died from depression. To help an unfortunate animal could not even veterinarians. In October 2017, the passengers found at the airport left by the dog. She had no collar, but by all indications she did not resemble a stray animal.

The dog willingly accepted food from tourists and employees of the air Harbor, but occasionally lost from sight, going on “inspection” of the building. After that, the dog went back for his master among men. The dog was given the nickname Nube Viajera, which translates from Spanish as “Cloud traveler” is a song by Mexican musician Alejandro Fernandez.

A month after the appearance at the airport animal became much worse: the dog huddled in a corner, stopped to chat with people and take food. In early November, the airport staff gave the dog to a Colombian Foundation of friends of animals and nature.