A Service Dog Gave Birth To Eight Puppies – In An Airport!


The people at Tampa International Airport were in for quite a treat as they witnessed what must be the cutest thing you could ever see while waiting for a plane: a dog giving birth to eight puppies! The unexpected event happened recently to the surprise and delight of airline passengers waiting on their flights.

Meet Eleanor Rigby, a Labrador service dog who just became the proud pup mama to eight cute little pups while waiting for a flight at Tampa International Airport. She was traveling with her owner, Diane Van Atter, and her the father of the puppies, Golden Nugget, when she went into labor right in the airport.

A busy day
The whole thing caused quite a stir as excited onlookers witnessed the miracle in the middle of boarding Gate F80. Nothing can get weary travelers spirits up and get them to ignore their busy flight schedules quite like puppies being born!

A busy location!
Flight schedules were the last thing on anyone’s mind for more than three hours as the pups just kept on coming.

“I was here since puppy five. It’s on Instagram; We’re getting a lot of likes.”

He was not the only one to take to Instagram to share the impressive sight.

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