A Pregnant Dog Had a Surprise For Her Owners


In this family there was 13 puppies and more. My mother coped and feels great. If you do not take into account the tragic attacks on the man, when guilty, rather, is the owner of amstaff – quiet, very physically strong, hardy and brave dog.

With them not afraid of any enemy, as long as the owner was able to understand the importance of a good education. Gets on well American Stafford in families with kids, but it is not recommended to bring the dog in a rage. Therefore, even a well-mannered amstaff should not be treated as a pet dog.

They are smart, well-remembered grudges, quite vulnerable, to punish these animals with the help of beating is not recommended strongly. The staffords – dog with character, is quite strong and dominant. Therefore, it is not necessary to give it to those families where Pets already live – cats or dogs.