A Man Is Devoting His Life To Adopting Old Animals That Would Have Been Put Down


Steve Craig from Denver (Colorado, USA) – a real star of Instagram. He is known for his good deeds. Steve live in the house 10 older dogs, which he literally saved the day, taking from the local shelter. The photos about their everyday life at home resonated in the hearts of nearly half a million subscribers.

It all started with a decision that Steve took after the tragedy — the death of his beloved dog. As time went on, but the wound did not heal. Steve continued to grieve and grieve over her favorite, until suddenly got the idea — he needs to save another dog. And not just different, but the one that has virtually no chance. Determined, Steve went to the animal shelter. Unlike most visitors, choosing future pet in

young and healthy animals, Steve asked me to show him old and sick dogs. So first in his house there was a 12-year-old Chi-Hua-Hua Aor suffering from diseases of the heart and knee joints.