A Little Girl And Her Disabled Dog Share A Bond That’s Being Recognized Worldwide


Thousands of Internet users admire the gentle friendship that arose between the dog Echo and the little girl Jenny. Life is not very spoiled Echo due to the fact that it is devoid of hearing and poor vision, previous owner wanted her put to sleep.

Fortunately, the dog came to the shelter, where she saw 33-year-old Marion Dwyer who wished Echo and took it himself. Soon Marion was the mother of wonderful daughters, and homemade pet from the first day was filled to the baby a lot of love. The dog loves the girl and tries never to be separated. The great Dane is one of the most popular breeds.

Some call it a giant among dogs. Indeed, the impressive size of the dog does not leave anyone indifferent, but in spite of this, the dog is affectionate and gentle animal who loves his family and ready at any moment to stand up for her.