A Kitten and Two Mirrors In The Same Room


The kitten world is so versatile and though kittens need much sleep, still much is happening in their life. These curious energetic creatures explore the world endlessly. They, actually, never stop! This little Scottish Fold does the same. He is 12 weeks old. This is a typical kitten who is very excited over the surrounding, especially, when it is so weird. The kitty suddenly discovered that he is not alone. He is in the sleeping-room with two mirrors one against each other and no matter where he runs he sees the same kitten all the time? The kitten is completely abashed for this reason. What’s the matter? Who are these guys? Why do they behave in such strange way? It drives the baby crazy and he jumps, hops and stomps. He can’t understand how many kittens are there in the room. I like to watch his confusion that makes him actually hover over bed when he jumps. So hilarious!