A Homeless Dog Spent His Days At A Car Wash


The dog is 7 months of trying to survive in the wash. In order to lure the dog, volunteers had to work hard. Saving one dog will not change the world, but the world will surely change for that one single dog.

The main purpose of these dogs – baiting game, so they have a high endurance, long legs, enabling it to quickly overtake their prey. This dog stayed on the car for almost 7 months. He was very underweight. He urgently needed the help of volunteers. Most dogs in the shelter that once was home, but then for various reasons ended up on the street. Every dog’s life is the real tragedy: someone threw away, someone lost, and someone’s the owners died, someone – moved, do not bother to take the four-legged friend.

One thing unites them all – the desire to have a home. Many of them know how to walk on a leash.