7-year-old boy saves puppy that was being abused by other children


A 7-year-old boy named Nicolás was recently considered a true hero. Thanks to his courage, a puppy was saved from the cruelty of a group of children. The event took place in the neighborhood Las Heras, Argentina.

Nicolás tells how terrified he was that 4 children older than him, between 8 and 12 years old, were hurting the animal. The boy couldn’t believe his eyes. Worried, he asked them to stop hitting the pup and went quickly to get help from his mother.

Fortunately, his mother Gisela, managed to rescue the dog from the hands of cruel children.

“They were willing to kill him!,” said his mother.

With this noble gesture, Nico became a hero after his story became viral.

After being rescued, the dog took a good shower and received all necessary care. In addition, the boy undertook to cover all veterinary expenses with his savings.

The boy has a heart of gold and since childhood has been a fervent lover of animals.

Nicolás is happy to be able to help the dog, who has already been named as Esteban.

Immediately, Nico’s heroism was viral and hundreds of people applauded his courage.

Fortunately, the family made the decision to stay with the puppy forever. Stories like this fill our hearts with joy.

Source: valuablestories.com