6-Year-Old Boy Reads To Shelter Dogs So They Don’t Feel Lonely


Saving Carson Shelter Dogs is the setting for this amazing story and we are glad to see that this heartwarming tale is taking place in one of the unlikeliest locations of all. A six year old boy who is struggling with autism is taking time out of his day to come and read to shelter dogs and this is one of the most adorable things that we have ever seen.

Jacob’s reason for reading to the dogs is a rather simple one. He does not want the animals to feel any sort of loneliness. His aunt works at the rescue and this is how he passes the time during her shifts. He reads the books that he loves to the dogs and as you can tell from the expression on Pirate the pitbull’s face, his efforts are most definitely appreciated by these special animals.

Shelter dogs often feel as if they are completely detached from the world around them and when people are willing to come and spend time with them, this makes their lives much more palatable. Even thought Jacob is disabled, he still loves to read and he comes to the shelter on “Therapy Thursdays” in order to share his love for books with all of the shelter dogs who enjoy his company.

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