After 6 Months With No Eye Contact, Dad Finally Discovers Adopted Dog’s True Passion


It takes time to adjust to new conditions for the dogs who suffered from abuse in the past. All they knew is not right and they feel confused about their place in the society and their relationships with others. This dog named Penni lived in the basement of a drug house before. She was in a horrible condition and needed to recover physically. But the worst thing was the toll on her psyche. Her new owner tried to establish the eye contact with her for half a year but Penni avoided it. The dog was scared of everything.
But when her dad moved to Las Vegas, he discovered the dog’s passion. Man took Penni to hikes and her behavior changed. It helped to break the shell and then there was the first time when dog looked at her owner. Though this is just a beginning, the situation is much better than before. It is so heartwarming to observe the progress that was achieved.