3-Week Old Beagle Puppy Is The Cutest Thing Ever


Skillful hunter, cheerful companion and affectionate pet, but so far he’s just a puppy. Beagle is an old breed of hunting dogs, which has a sharp scent, friendly character, quick reaction and surprisingly friendly character.

It is one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the whole world and is developed by both hunters and ordinary people as a companion and pet. The first mention of the beagles appeared in the days of Ancient Greece. The breed’s native country is the UK. Versions of the appearance of beagles in this country are different.

On one of them undersized hounds were brought to the territory of England from Ancient Rome. The brought dogs became ancestors of otter hounds, foxhounds, Harriers and beagles. According to another ancestor breeds were Celtic hounds, crossed into British and French hounds imported to the country by the Norman conquerors in the 11th century.