3-Week Old Beagle Puppy Is The Cutest Thing Ever


This heartwarming puppy learns to howl simultaneously with its owner. Of course, then, when the puppy vyrastet, it may bring anxiety, but so far it looks very nice. This feature is in the language of dogs they got from their ancestors — wolves. Wolves communicate through howling being at a great distance from each other. So they transmit information about your location and looking for relatives. Dogs, as descendants of wolves have retained this ability. You notice that as soon as it begins to howl like a dog to her right, and connect all the dogs that hear it.

If the dog howls to attract the attention or requests that such behavior should be ignored. To wait when the dog shut up, and only then pay attention to it and praise him. If you will do what your dog wants, when it begins to howl, then do the same and teach it in a way to elicit all he needs. Some dog experts suggest to accompany the howling dog the command “speak” or “sing”, then when the dog finished, you must say “quiet” or “shut up” and encouraged. So you can teach the dog to howl on command only. Such a skill would seriously come in handy. Dogs have an sense of smell, they are better than humans hundreds of times you catch the most subtle odors. The animal may be, for example, feeling the smell of combustion (warns of fire).

There’s even a sign: the dog howls, lifting her face up to be fire. In addition, sometimes the animals start to howl for a few days before the robbery of the master’s home or other unpleasant events (for example, flooding the apartment). As four-legged friends feel trouble – a mystery.