22 Before And After Pictures Of Animals Growing Up


2 months: the nervous system is strengthened, so the dog can transfer to new owners. It is easy to get used at this age. 8 weeks-time the first vaccinations. 18-19 weeks: Training is very fast.

It is now necessary to teach your puppy to listen to commands, behave calmly. In the future he will grow up a happy and confident dog. Often the tenth week of his life it comes to phobias, when an animal is easily frightened.

When you get acquainted with others, with a lot of visual stimuli, noises, smells, places, people are taught to behave calmly. 4-6 months: Actively growing permanent teeth. In 4 month will begin the second wave of fears. It can be connected, for example, with the change of situation. There is often disobedience at this time.