2 Pit Bulls Are Put In Same Room


Today’s your lucky day. Two rescued Pit Bulls, Chance and Cadence, are doing a happy dance because they are no longer being abused. Their pure joy is so beautiful!

The two were rescued in 2013 by different rescued groups. Cadence was being used as a bait dog in the dog fighting ring. As a result, she was covered in wounds, injuries, and scars, with her face taking most of the beatings. The next day, Chance was rescued as he cowered near a Los Angeles hot dog truck.

Rescue group Hope For Paws was able to convince both dogs to trust them so they could get them cared for at a shelter. The two sad Pitties got baths and medical care, and then the next big step: shelter workers wondered if the two dogs would like to meet.

With workers watching closely in the room, the dogs were allowed to meet. What resulted is a doggy dance session that has over 4.2 million times on YouTube.

What an adorable reaction between these two rags to riches dogs. They sniff, stare, trot, and ultimately break into some canine moves.

You’ve got to see this cuteness overload for yourself in the video below. Hooray for happy endings!

Source: ilovemydogsomuch.tv