18 year old blind dog meets her first person at the shelter and refuses to let go


Throughout its long life this dog lived in its favourite family where it always felt protected. But old age took its toll and the dog suddenly lost vision. She even suspected, that from-for this will lose and family and warm house. The dog was no longer needed, because he began to demand additional care.

So an older dog was in the shelter, where he immediately clung to the first person who approached her. Once at the right time in the right place, photographer John Hwang captured this moment in the photo, which managed to change the life of the dog. These images together with the history of Munek quickly spread to the social network, so they fell into the right hands of the volunteer organization Frosted Faces Foundation.

They gave her the necessary medical care and gave to overexposure to the family, which already knew how to deal with an elderly dog. Thanks to the efforts of all concerned, this loneliest dog in the world suddenly became so desirable for many families.