15 Year-Old Husky Lived Chained Up In The Cold – Now He Finally Has A Forever Home


This poor Husky’s owners kept him chained up in the cold.

Earlier in February, emergency workers rushed to a property receiving news that a roof had collapsed on a dilapidated house located in New Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When the workers arrived, they noticed that a husky was chained up out in the cold.

According to the law in Pennsylvania, it is illegal to keep a dog chained outside for more than nine hours a day due to an animal welfare regulation called Libre’s Law. If the temperature is too cold, a dog is only allowed to be chained up for a maximum of 30 minutes. A dog also cannot also be chained up in an area covered in its own waste.

This is exactly what happened to a poor husky, named Cloud. All he had was a small doghouse and a car roof, with no protection from the freezing temperatures. A local rescue organization and shelter was soon contacted for help.

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