100 Dogs Are Stranded On Island After Hurricane, So Kenny Chesney Chartered A Plane To Save Them


Rescue more than 100 dogs before the hurricane. Unusual rescue campaign called “Operation rescue Cavaliers” is not a joke unfolded in the U.S. state of Missouri. There, volunteers found a dog kennel, where in inhumane conditions contained abandoned to the fate of the puppies. Most of them belonged to the breed of Cavalier king Charles Spaniel. As it turned out, this ill-fated kennel dogs bred EN masse and sold under the hammer at auction.

About the contents of pet owners dog shelter, of course, taken care of forgot. Rescued dogs, many of whom needed medical care, were distributed to shelters. They have been quality examined and provided with psychological support. Now the puppies look forward to their future owners! It was assumed that animals in these terrible conditions, will be sold to breeders, that is, people engaged in breeding purebred dogs. Many of these poor puppies were blind or deaf as a result of diseases and infections. They suffered from fleas and kept in his own filth. To rescue joined Kenny Chesney — American performer of country music, one of the most popular in 2000-2010 in his style.

He recorded 16 albums, 14 of which are certified gold and platinum according to RIAA, and 6 albums led the national hit parade Billboard 200. He is also the author of more than 30 singles entered the Top 10 list of Hot Country Songs Magazine Billboard, 20 of which he headed the country chart.