1-Yr-Old Dog Who Lost Everything Clings To Teddy Bear


I can’t imagine leaving my pet at an animal shelter to be euthanized to make room for more dogs without loving homes. It would break my heart. A Dallas family deserted their 1-year-old Blue Lacey dog, Ellie.

This sweet girl was so scared. She was in an unfamiliar place and so afraid. After only having her for four months, her family dumped her at the shelter, taking her from their home, the one place she knew. They left one thing behind for precious Ellie: A giant teddy bear she refuses to part with.

“They had gone to the trouble of getting all her shots, her spay surgery and microchip … [then] they just dumped her at the closest shelter after having her for months,” NYC based dog rescuer Jennifer Jessup told The Dodo. “She basically lost everything she’s ever known. And at one year old, [she] found herself in a loud, scary place where they euthanize for space.”

Ellie clung to her teddy bear; it was her lifeline. she stayed snuggled up to her bear. “She was so scared, and she was just clinging to it,” Jessup said. “It was the only thing she had.”

Thankfully, Ellie and her companion bear wouldn’t be on their own for long. Jessup’s brother wanted to adopt a Blue Lacey dog. So the rescuer began her search. With the help of Dallas-based rescue group, Tag Rescue, she found lonely, shy Ellie.

“I had a friend in Texas that I contacted, and he said, ‘Sure, I’ll go pick her up,’” Jessup said. “So he got her out of the shelter with her teddy bear, and took her to this boarding facility, where they gave her a bath and made sure all of her paperwork was in order, and that she was fully vetted.”

Ellie’s journey to Florida wasn’t an easy one. She spent a night at a boarding facility and then at a foster home.

Look at this sad photo taken by her foster carer. They took the bear away from her and Ellie’s so frightened. She’s just curled up in a ball. “But when he put her back with her teddy bear, she just grabs it,” Jessup said.

TWD Transport is a company that transports rescue animals around the country. They shuttled Ellie from Texas to her new home in Florida. She had her teddy bear to keep her company during her journey.

“She is exhausted, and my brother is going to spend the day with her trying to perk her up,” Jessup said. “She’s very timid, and the trip was a difficult one, so it will take a while for her to come out of her shell.”

Good thing Ellie had her teddy bear for comfort and cuddles during this challenging time. With love and patience, she’ll grow into the beautiful girl we know she can be.

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