You Should Get A Second Cat


There are thousands reason to get a second cat. You have adult cat and you want to take care of another pet? You feel that your concern enough for two cats? It’s a great idea, few dare to such a step! However, it is important to make the cat both lived together and in comfort.

What is important to know when purchasing a second cat? It is important to provide maximum effort to the first adult, living with your cat, adopted a new family member. In this sense, the best solution is a new cat to take the little kitten to three months old, optimally 8-9 weeks. An adult cat will relate to the new neighbor as a competitor, but as a child, to care for and nurture it.

And you, in turn, be gentle and careful with the kitten, give him your time and attention. Almost no sense to punish the kitten will not conclude from the punishment, do not remember the meaning, but the emotional tone will remain forever.