Women sees kitten meowing at door to come inside


A stray cat was sure that her home is the man. Cats are amazing creatures. Some of them return to their homes even a few years after they left. She, on the contrary, looked for it all his life. Indeed, most animals have an innate ability to find their way home.

Moreover, such a return can occur after a fairly long period of time. Among all animals it is cats that are best guided in space. Their return home is more frequent than that of dogs or birds. In the course of these experiments, the researchers came to the conclusion that the iron particles included in the composition of the tissues of cats, give them peculiar properties of a compass that responds to the Earth’s magnetic field, thereby allowing the animal to return to the starting point.

Once attached to the body of the cat magnet, it ceased to navigate qualitatively and began to get confused in choosing the road, which confirmed the data.