Woman Takes Out Trash And Finds Backpack With Something Moving Inside Of It – This Is Heartbreaking


Stories like this are truly heartbreaking because people can sometimes be so cruel to animals and we’ll just never understand why. A woman in Canada named Jennifer was throwing out the garbage one day when she found a backpack in the garbage can that appeared to be moving. When she opened the bag, she found something truly heartbreaking.

Inside the bag, she found a scared, sick cat that was clearly abandoned and tossed in the garbage. So Jennifer and her boyfriend took the sick cat to Alberta Animal Services where they discovered that the cat was blind, had multiple injuries including a pelvic injury and was neurologically impaired. It was pretty obvious that this cat has lived a very difficult life of struggles and cruelty. On top of that, they discovered that the cat was extremely malnourished, weak and nearly suffocated from being in that backpack Jennifer found him in.

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