Woman Gives Food to Blind Raccoon, Then Hits Records When He Brings His 2 Tiny “Bodyguards”


In the U.S. state of Illinois blind raccoon goes everywhere with two guards-cats. He five years ago came into the house Erin Morris. At first there was only Breakfast. Then gradually moved fully to live.

Raccoon is not banished because of his blindness and the lack of the lower lip. She cut the food into small pieces that he could swallow. He was very shy and was afraid of birds, snow, tall grass. Once he arrived at the house in the company of two black stray kittens. Between animals established mutually beneficial cooperation.

Raccoons know where you can always find food, and the kittens followed him and protected. For example, when the raccoon was hard to get down the stairs, one of the kittens ran by him to insure it in case of a fall.