Woman Adopts Cat


A woman named Lola Ayers shares her lovely story with the rest of the animal lovers in order to make sure everyone knows how special it is to adopt an animal from a shelter. Providing a vulnerable creature with a home, food, and all the luxuries pets deserve must be the most fulfilling experience a person can have, because these animals will never fail to show you their gratitude for taking them in.

As she was looking for a cat to adopt, a very unique kitten caught her attention. The cat’s eyes were pretty small as a result of condition called Microphthalmia. Unfortunately, this meant that the poor animal had visual impairment.

Lola didn’t think twice, she just knew she had to take Humphery in.

“I knew that Humphrey was the one when I first saw him. The way he interacted with me compared to the other cats I’d seen at the shelter, he was immediately attached to me.” Lola said.

Regardless his poor sight, Humphrey could do everything a normal cat can do.

However, Lola couldn’t stop thinking of another cat she saw at the shelter, who she believed was having the same problem as Humphrey. She went online to check on that cat and found out that it was saved by Purr Nation in Woodstock, Georgia.

The first thing she did the next day was stop by the shelter and check whether the cat was still there. Once she saw it standing there, she immediately filled the adoption papers and took it home. But, the most amazing thing was that the cat was actually Humphrey’s brother.

The brothers were beyond happy to be reunited again.

Source: weloveanimals.me