This Is Winnie Practicing Her Roar Since She Was Four Weeks Old.


Informative roar of a little kitten. Little kitten – the creature is completely innocent and inexperienced, who have much to learn. A lot of information he receives from Mama cat, but some instincts are placed in his consciousness before birth. Instinct is one of the most important instincts in cats. Often you can see a picture when a cat with a fluffed tail, raised fur and the ears laid back aggressively hisses at the dog, or other animal superior to it in size.

Even little kittens can take care of himself. In case of danger, they begin to hiss and growl, thus demonstrating that approaching him is not worth it. As a rule, the reason why the kitten growls is the kind of psychological trauma that the kitten has received in the recent past. Pet owners are surprised that their little, affectionate kitten responds aggressively to guests, children or people of a certain gender, for example men.

For example, if the place where the kitten lived previously, he was tortured and harassed children, or he got a slap from the man, fearing a repetition of the situation and trying to intimidate the enemy, the kitten may start to hiss and growl at any child, or man. In such a case, it is not necessary to impose on the child communicating with these individuals, it should be left alone.