Why Humans Are Obsessed with Cats


In this eye opening and informative video we see how felines have taken over not only the Internet, but our homes, and of course, our lives. It points out that it is us that are obsessed with cats and not the other way round. This is a must see for any cat lover as it explains a lot about our relationship with cats and how that relationship has evolved.

Apparently it wasn’t us humans that decided to domesticate cats like with did with dogs and other animals, cats decided to domesticate themselves. Cats first appeared in the early settlements, they were scavengers and only the fearless survived, so they were the ones that had more babies and ate more meat. Slowly they became what we consider the domestic cat of today. They are amazing creatures that quickly learn to adapt and are found all over the world in many different climates. It is true that we have a weakness for our feline companions and it is believed that cats are aware of this and used this to their advantage

Sourse: welovecatsandkittens.com