Why Does My Cat Sleep With Me? – 5 Reasons You’ll Love to Know


Every person having in his house the cat noticed all sorts of interesting features of her dream. This furry creature sleeps in a variety of places, taking unimaginable poses. Why the cat sleeps on the head master? What attracts this place? Cats are very wayward animals, they behave as they want.

I often notice that the cat is sleeping upside down or stretched out on the back. At the same time more prefer to keep within together with people in feet or at the head. Not all people know that the warmest part of the body is the head. Through it is the maximum heat transfer. Up to 80% of the heat that the human body produces falls on this place.

Not for nothing, when a patient with a cold increases the body temperature, determine this by simply putting his hand to his forehead. The cat possesses an acute sensitivity therefore easily determine the area of the host body, where it will be warmer and sleep there.