When These Bengal Kittens Discover A Slide, Tons Of Happiness And Fun Ensue! Just Watch!


Bengal kittens ride on a slide. Homemade Bengal cat – creature, similar to the picture (can “freeze” in a beautiful posture and long, carefully sit), in need of affection and constant attention. “Bengal” is very playful and curious, but smart, not to stick her nose where it’s dangerous. It is believed that these cats are aggressive, but it is not so.

As we have noted, in their genes flowing only about 20 % “wild blood”, the remaining 80% they inherited from home, quiet, affectionate and calm cats. Bengal cat tied to the people even more than home. They are tied to their “mother” (his “daddy”), will be missed every minute of separation. These cats are incredibly loyal, ready to accompany his master everywhere: on the sofa, in bed, in the kitchen, in the bathroom. They are like a dog will follow his master everywhere, running behind him.

“The Bengals” I love the water and can take bath along with the master (with great pleasure). If you are a fan of exotic animals that are not dangerous and not very large in size, the Bengal cat is exactly what you are looking. The breed was developed by crossing small Asian leopard cats with domestic cats. The Bengal cat is short-haired broad-shouldered pet, with the spotted or marble pattern. This pet will be the pride of any family.