Ways To Show Your Cats Love


Even those people who do not have Pets, at least once in my life stroked the cat. And, likely, did this not quite so, as it likes. It is best to iron the cat in the places where he concentrated odorous glands. When a person touches these areas of hair, the skin under them highlights the secret that remains in his hands.

Thus, the cat marks his master, which makes him happier and more confident. Pay attention to the cat’s tail – the stronger and sharper it’s waving at them, the less she’s happy with you. Try to scratch it in another part of the muzzle, better stop, and if she wants to leave, not keep. If she suddenly ceased to purr and turned to look at you or changed the position of the ears, it is a signal that something you started to do not so, or she was tired.

As with any massage, the cat eventually tired of it and she leaves. However, if she stayed on your knees, and, especially, if it is still and purred, it means that you did everything right. Don’t worry if after the purring she tried to bite, and then left is a normal reaction to excessive stimulation.