WATCH: This Cat Has the Deepest Meow You’ve Ever Heard


The main means of communication usatii-striped-sounds. The language of purring is quite rich and includes not only meow and purr, hiss, whine, plaintive appeals, screams and cries. Understand meow is not difficult, the main thing-to be able to listen.

A cat’s brain is more like a human than a dog’s brain. Emotions Mouser respond the same areas of that person. Kotofei talkative dogs. The cat is able to reproduce up to a hundred sounds, whereas the dog is only ten. Is considered, that the most “talkative” breed cats – Siamese and Oriental. Scientists still have not figured out how boucaut cats.

The most common version of the veterinarian: purring is derived from the vibration of the vocal cords, which are located deep in the throat. To purr, feline muscles of the larynx are reduced about 25 times per second. Purring indicates the absence of aggression in cats.