Vets Said Little Rejected Kitten Wouldn’t Make It


The development of the kittens occurs quite rapidly in the first months of life, structure, diet experience a lot of changes. And this is the time of growth of a kitten is considered the most important in its development and establishment, so everything must be done correctly and, most importantly, time!

By this point, your pet will have reached three-quarters of the size of an adult. He already has strong teeth. Starting at this age, he will begin to reach puberty. Despite the fact that the kitten looks like an adult cat, he still has a high psychological and physical needs of the growing organism, so care should be taken about nutrition.

If you have a cat, then it is the right time for her sterilization. Otherwise it will form sexual habits. Do not forget that cats over one year of sterilization is not recommended, the same rule applies to cats.