Vet Shows How To Properly Trim A Cat`s Nails Without Stressing Them


Cat is not only cuddly and fluffy company in your home, but also a responsibility. Her need to feed, bathe, and from time to time to show the vet. An integral part of this care and will always care claw cats.

It may be necessary not only in order to preserve the integrity of furniture and Wallpaper, but also for the safety of the animal. When the claws grow too long, they cat clinging to the carpet. Once she is hooked, to disengage her very difficult. Especially if it is in this moment fled.

This may cause the claw to break off, even worse if he pulled out “with meat”. Imagine how much it hurts. Do cut the cats claws? How, without this sometimes can not do. The process is simple, but requires persistence.