Vet Rescues Kitten From A Shelter


Speck the kitten came to the Vet Ranch for a checkup one day. Dr. Karri took this opportunity to perform a routine examination. The shelter where Dr. Karri works is home to various cats who experience eye related issues. When Dr. Karri took a closer look at little Speck, she made a discovery that causes her to become concerned about the kitty’s well being.

WARNING: We would like to take the time to remind our readers about the graphic images contained within the remainder of the story. Speck’s ears were full of infections and Dr. Karri could not even touch the area without causing the animal to wince. The inflammation was buried deep within the ear and Speck would need emergency surgery in order to survive.

Speck was placed under the influence of an anesthetic. From there, it was time for the good doctor to go to work. The inflammation was actually being caused by larvae that had somehow managed to bury itself inside of the cat’s head. Luckily, the doctor was able to remove the larvae that had found its way into a very uncomfortable place.

Dr. Karri was able to remove the entire bug in one piece. This doctor’s amazing work definitely provided Speck with a much happier feeling upon waking up. Can you imagine the difference that the cat must have felt? Dr. Karri even admitted that she had never seen anything quite like this before in the past, a shocking admission coming from someone who assists animals for a living.

She knew that the shelter would need to take a closer look at the animal’s cages to make sure that nothing like this would ever happen again. The procedure that Speck went through is depicted in the clip below. We are going to issue a second warning to viewers out there with weak stomachs, though. Do not watch this clip if you are faint of heart or stomach.

Share this video to raise awareness about the issues that shelter animals experience. Kittens like Speck do not deserve to experience these types of problems and that is why we need to come together to make them a thing of the past. Let’s all take a moment to do our part. The world needs to know about the traumas that these innocent animals are forced to experience on an all too regular basis