Two orphaned sisters separated for 5 minutes, but when they put them back together, it broke me…


Cat hugging his best friend. Cats have a lot of habits that seem strange to us. One of them is to make the owner a kind of massage, soaping the skin with legs while enjoying. Figuring out why cats mark time human ethologists did not agree.

However, there are several interesting theories that explain this touching ritual. It turns out that so do most of those Pets that have been weaned early from mom. Once in the new house, the kitten needs a mother and chooses for her role as the owner.

Therefore, at the moment when an adult cat wants to relax, relieve stress or just to enjoy the company of “mom,” she squeezes legs the skin of the wearer. However, this does not explain why the cat is trampled on the blanket, because it is hardly possible to confuse the plaid and mom’s belly.