Two Dogs Meet Kitten For The First Time


This kitten is only 5 weeks old. And he ended up in a house with 2 adult dogs. The kitten decided to climb onto the ledge. He thought it was safer there. To wean a cat playing with curtains, you can understand the reasons.

Joint life in the same house with your favorite pet often overshadows the bad habits of the animal. After all, the animal, unlike humans, difficult to keep their instincts, almost impossible. How to wean a cat climbing the curtains? It is better to refuse to use force methods and to understand the reasons why an animal behaves in that way.

All cats can not live without the height, but since they are constantly in a confined space with no trees or other suitable climbing structures, it is necessary to jump on the curtains. To frolic and to play – that’s what you need young individuals. Little kitty jumps on the curtains yet for his stupidity and bad manners, what great cats are already not typical, but it happens.