Tuxedo Cat Discovers Bed Sheets And The Results Are Hilarious


Oblivious did you look to the inconspicuous tubercle on the bed? Climbed all the traditional cat shelter, you start to believe in dark matter supernatural forces or the coming of aliens from the planet Melmak, kidnapping cats. And then the bump comes alive, and from under the blanket yawning shows favorite face! Why the cat is hiding under the blanket? What it is that attracts him in this kind of hole?

Most often, the desire to hide in an enclosed and warm space occurs in cats for the same reasons that we ourselves, and is associated with the search of peace, warmth and comfort. You probably noticed that the tails are choosing to stay the warmest place in the house: they love to take a nap next to the panel in the bathroom, if there is a warm floor, or at least in a tiny patch of sunlight on the carpet.

“Human heater” also think they are very appropriate — he gives quite a lot of heat that the blanket has successfully maintained. So often the cat is hiding under a blanket when sleeping under it host: a warm near — the sweetest thing!