Traffic Ignores Stray Kitten


Does it take so long to stop when you see the kitten in trouble? All humans hurry somewhere and forget about the main things in life. We are born to care about every living creature on earth and our nature. What do we do instead? Making careers, trying to earn as much as possible and forget about really important things. So many people just ignored the little fur baby crawling on the road. He was tiny, helpless and very cute but even its adorable nature does not guarantee survival in the world of humans with hard hearts. But not all is lost. у see how the car stops and man gets out of it. He runs to the kitten and takes him to the car. The name of the hero is Denis Degtyarev from Kaliningrad. Later he told that kitten could not even eat on his own. Man found a good family for poor kitty!
The highway was busy and man risked his life.